Introduction to Virus and Anti Viruses CSE Seminar Topic:

They are the self-executable programs that execute by own and create many copies and then they damage the working of the computer software or hardware or format computer, delete information’s , make files corrupt. They are classified into many categories like program virus: they are those who infect the system files like .com, .exe and make them useless and the generate errors.

Boot viruses are those who infect the boot program stored on the memory. Multiparty viruses are those that damage both boot files as well as system files means they can damage more than one type of files. Stealth viruses are those who are hidden from the system and cannot be detected.

Viruses can be written by anyone. You only need to have the knowledge of assembly language and C. Assembly language is the only way to control the system software as well as hardware and then infect them. The most commonly infected files are .com and .exe. They are easily infected by the viruses as they are system files.

Anti-virus: they are the software programs that are used to detect virus on the computer and to delete them or to repair them. They are work on three steps, first step is to scan the system and detect them, second step is to identify the type of virus it may defect the specific program and at last remove that virus. Some antivirus program also provides the feature of repairing that virus like Quick heal.

These programs are made into three categories; Scanner: they are used to scan the executable files or objects. Monitors: they are used to monitor the functions of the operating systems and check whether they are harmful or not.Integrity checker: they are used to check which files are modified by the virus.

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