Introduction to Virtual Network Computing Project:

Today the technology in the world is growing at a very fast rate. This technology has introduced a virtual network computer system. There is much software that allows computer to interact with another computer or mobile device through internet. To use virtual network computer we must have TCP/IP connection and a server.

The virtual network computer is open source software that is available freely in the world. It allows working user on different platforms without changing software or hardware. The technology that is increasing in local area network for its better link property between different machines is cross platform computing. In this all devices are compatible that they have the ability to connect to other devices. The hardware compatible is shown by plug compatible.  For doing capability between two hardware ends if we require software for configuring the device then it is called emulation. If same data formats are used by software then they are compatible.

Open source: – Open source means that the source code of the program is available freely for the public use and public can modify it. Different programmers in different areas read this code from internet and modify it for the improvement of the source program. It is a collaborative effort of the developer and shares its review in the community for the development of the program.

RFB protocol: – RFB stand for remote frame buffer which allow accessing the remote areas to graphical user. It is applicable to the all system because it works on frame buffer. It is used in the virtual network computing. It uses TCP/IP protocol to connect to the server. The user uses latest version of RFB because it provides best security and appropriate compression. Ti use to maintain cross platform capability in virtual network computing.

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