Virtual Classroom System Project Abstract

The main idea of Virtual Classroom System is to overcome the disadvantages of traditional classroom interaction of student and faculty.The Virtual Classroom System replaces the manual system with online Interactive Classroom using RMI. 

In Virtual Classroom System the students and faculty need not attend the classes physically ,the teaching sessions are carried out through online.All that one need is a PC or laptop.The clients were provided with Login ID and passwords at the time of registration that helps them to get connected to the server.Here the student has the freedom of choosing the faculty and class he wants to attend. 

Modules included in this Project:

The Virtual Classroom System has two main modules they are

1.Teacher module (server side)

2.Student module(Client side)

Teacher Module

The teacher modules has functionalities like passing text files to students,communicating and interacting with them,accepting or denying their requests ,clarifying their doubts etc.

Student Module

The student module has the functionalities like storing the notes, making requests,clarifying the doubts with the respective faculty etc. 

The Virtual Classroom System provides virtual classroom environment that does not require any room physically .The student has to attend the online sessions.He can attend them  from any part of the world ,he can even view the previous sessions of class for his convenience  .All these sessions will be recorded and stored in the databases ,the students can make best use of these recorded sessions too.They also have a facility to store the notes given by the faculty.

Download Virtual Classroom System Computer Science Project Abstract with full Documentation report.

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  1. This does not contain full source code ….some files like admin.jsp, sub.jsp, ans.jsp….etc are missing …please send me the full source code

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