Verification of Cryptographic Protocols Using Logic Programming Mini Project Report

Introduction to Verification of Cryptographic Protocols Using Logic Programming Mini Project:

Security of the data plays a main role in real time environment to keep the data from illegal users. For giving security here we mainly use encryption algorithms. But still when tough encryption algorithms are used, data is not safe so we select protocols for giving security. It is compulsory to check the protocol there are several functions and tools are present for testing the protocols, which includes the using automata theory, logic programming etc. cryptography methods are mainly used by network security protocols for getting privacy, verification, integrity and non-repudiation.

Logics used in cryptographic protocols have proved to be very useful assist in validating and correcting these protocols they assist to formalize the analysis about useful theoretical belongings of these protocols. The logic require to write down the early security assumptions of these protocols the logics necessitate to write down the original security assumptions of the protocol that might or else be hidden in the implementation particulars.

It has a number of benefits like, useless message exchanges can be spotted easily. Appropriate changes among related protocols get nearer to the outside. Mainly logics are based on assumptions that are not written clearly. For example many assume that the adding of expressions in commutative and that the sender recognizes its own messages.

In this project they think logic is first order logic, or can simply particular as prolog. Two methods used for first order logic verification are, first is using the concept of strand spaces. This advance is based on the DOLEV-YAO intruder model. It is Graphical user Interface based method that is used to show the properties of arbitrary combinations of the protocols organization at the same time. Concept of strand spaces was established conceivably hard.

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