Vehicle Theft Security System Project Abstract

The main aim of this Vehicle Theft Security System project is to provide the protection for unauthorized usage objects. To provide the security whenever any unauthorized persons use the bike, car, doors opening then sounding horn by alarm. And one more future is the vehicle cannot run for unauthorized persons the lock is not open. Before sending out the vehicle from the industry the VTSS (vehicle theft security system) is arranged in the vehicle. This feature is done by programming of power train control module (PCM). Once the PCM is activated that is no run future is enabled the vehicle cannot come into running position until the old PCM replaced with the new PCM, with same logic.

Project Advantages:

This ECE project explains you about the enabling, arming, disarming, power up mode (while disconnected or reconnected), and tamper alert. Description and operation-general timer module, door ajar switch, door lock cylinder switch, lift gate lock cylinder switch, head lamp relay, horn relay, security lamp, door lock cylinder switch, relays, removal and installation of the lift gate switch, door ajar switch. So this project is mainly used for the purpose of the security from the unauthorized persons. Whenever any unauthorized persons use the vehicle it will find and sound horn.

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