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Vb.Net College Management System

May 22, 2013

College management System (vb.net)  software is a standalone and web application used for handling various departments’ data. This system will handle teachers, lab instructors, admin department, students exam details, internal marks, attendance details..etc. Management software helps in providing best communication system between employees, administration, student and parents.

college management system

Reports Module Explanation: 

There are six report generation forms for students, employees, administration departments.

Student’s module will handle student’s education details, internal marks, external marks, attendance details. These details are available for parents and lectures and admin.

Reports for student module: 

Student Report for Attendance:

               Based on student id details of attendance are displayed on form which consist of monthly and yearly stats for every subject and internal exams, labs…etc

Marks Reports:

        This report consist of students internal marks for every subject with percentages and averages. 

Reports for Admin Module:

Fees Reports:

    Admin can generate reports for students based on student id. This report consists of fees details like Fees paid date, pending fees details, last date for payment..etc

Salary Slip:

 This is for employees; based on employee id we can generate salary slips with experience details, tax details.

Reports for Employee:

  Employees can view, download and print course details which consist of subject to handle, class time table with timings, start and end time for completing course.

Download College Management System Project Source Code.

Future Scope: 

College administration system project has scope for adding forum where students can share thoughts with other students and posts doughts to teachers and get support. This method will work on communication platform even after college hours. 

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