Project Title: Using ultrasonic testing to measure the contact between a railway wheel and rail

Academic Research Areas: Vehicle Dynamics

Project Description:

The levels of stress between a rolling railway wheel and the rail are very high and it is therefore very difficult to measure the precise shape and size of the contact patch that develops. The material is deformed plastically and most conventional techniques are unable to cope with the harsh environment.
A rig has been set up to test the possibility of using ultrasonic methods to measure this contact and this project will involve selection of appropriate equipment and carrying out a programme of tests.

Product Details:

Draft Project Objectives
• Research into the contact between a railway wheel and a rail
• Research into ultrasonic test methods for contact and stress measurement
• Preparation of a series of appropriate tests
• Analysis of test results
• Conclusions and recommendations

Project activities

The student will work as part of a team including the academic supervisor and a PhD student. The exact programme of activities will be decided at an early stage in the project.