Unified Modeling Language Computer Science Seminar Idea

Introduction to Unified Modeling Language Seminar Idea:

The unified modeling language is also known as visual language. This language is developed for reading the notation that is generated by the computer to express their behavior. It can be made with the help of today’s interactive computer. This language is object oriented language and the software develop in this language are object oriented.

The system that are developed with help of Unified modeling language (UML) represents a net type of paradigm that are not represented with help of traditional model or through algorithmic tools. This new type of paradigm has a the work to not only transfer the singe input to the single output but also to provide service on outgoing data.

The group which specifically provides this service is object management group (OMG) and all the present day services are noted in this group of Unified modeling language (UML). When we view services of the system then the interaction of the system with the environment become an internal part of computing system. For modeling of different interaction in system UML represents a uniform domain that is independent on the framework. Through it the UML has various interactions between object and software, between user and the application and the interaction done on the network.

The programs that take single input and give only single output they are non interaction program because they follow traditional method or algorithms for computation. The turning machine, lambda calculus and recursive function all are included in theoretical concepts of computation. At low implementation level of interactive system the Unified modeling language (UML) is presented by algorithmic computation but through this the entire system cannot be expressed. The recent models of computation include sequential machine tool, concurrent system callus, input and output automate by which we can maintain the persistent information.

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