UML Class Diagrams for A Secure Chat Program Java Project

UML Class Diagrams

UML Class diagram for A Secure Chat Program is the purpose to depict the classes of the application in the object oriented application, which is considered as the most important part of the system. It mainly consists of three parts name of the class (on the top), attributes and their data types (in the Middle), methods and the operations used (in the bottom).


  1. SecureClientSocket Class Diagram:

SecureClientSocket Class Diagram  

Figure : Secure Client Socket Class Diagram 

 Secure Server Socket Class Diagram

  1. SecureServerSocket Class Diagram: 

Figure : Secure Server Socket Class Diagram 

  1. Client Request Protocol Thread
  2. Client Req Protocol Class Diagram 

Figure : Client Req Protocol Class Diagram 

Client Window Class Diagram

  1. Client Window 

Figure : Client Window Class Diagram

  Chat IO Class Diagram

  1. Chat IO Thread 

Figure : Chat IO Class Diagram

This Project Paper is written & submitted by Deepak V.

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