Ultra Wide Band Technology Computer Seminar Report

Introduction to Ultra Wide Band Technology Computer Seminar Topic:

Ultra wide band is used to transfer the binary data that are 0 and 1 to the modern system without using wire.It works at fast rate and uses low energy medium to transfer the data over the short distance.Today the communication and the computation is close to each other that we cannot easily differentiate them. The internal communication channel includes bus system, caches, interface of device and the interface of the memory. And the external communication system includes wired network channels, wireless network channels and the interface if the pheriphals.

External communication develops in two ways that are cost reduction and the available optical channels whereas internal communication system uses switching technology that switches the interfaces from low level to higher level. In coming time these two technologies will going to be combined to form a normal network.

Wireless channels are suitable for local communication system such as communication within the office. It used over a small task of communication effectively. In present day there are two type of wireless technology that is Bluetooth and 802.11a technology which is Ethernet network common medium for some developing purpose. And in Bluetooth the wired pheripals device will be replaced by the wireless technology of low speed.

UWB is very fast twchnolo0hy that transmit data at a very fast  rate up to 100 MbPs speed whereas the  blue tooth transfer data at a speed of 1 Mbps and 802.11a transfer the data at a speed of 11 mbps. It is not work lie a radio wave but it also faster the radio wave. It also not requires narrow band frequencies.Electromagnetic waves are the supporters of the UWB wave that tolerant the noise from the surrounding.

Application: – It has many applications that is for communication, positing, for radar etc.

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