Types of Games in Game Theory

In general these games can be of different types based on the gamming capabilities and the most important classification is as given below

Single user games: In general these games are played by a single user against the computer and the actual coding logic is developed such that, the game will be between the user and the computer.

Multi user games: Multi user games are played between two or more users on a single computer or multiple computers. These games can be either desktop games or online games. The most famous among the multi user games are online chess game, Rummy and Cricket.

Social networking games: Social networking games are famous these days and few social networks like FaceBook offers a game known as Farm vile, where the registered users of that particular network can play the game online and earn some points and gifts.

All the games mentioned above are most successful implementation of Artificial Intelligence and these games are developed with great user friendly features and provide excellent level of comfort to the end users.

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