Types of Computer Networks Seminar Report

Introduction to Types of Computer Networks:

A computer network is a network which is capable of connecting two or more computer systems which can work together in such a way that the resources can be shared and work can be done together. A network may consist of microcomputers or even combine these micro computers with other devices. The networks can be controlled by all nodes co-ordinarily and supply the resources. The networks will differ in the geographical size.

Local Area Network:

The connecting of one or more computer systems with in a limited distance of one other it can be within the same building or with the same office premises called as LAN. It requires cables, connectors for enabling connection between the computers. Many organisations prefer multi user environment such that sharing of data and even resources can be done.

Metropolitan Area Network:

These networks are used as links between the office buildings in a city. The cellular phones are extending their flexibility by allowing links to car phones and even portable computers.

Wide Area Network:

It is a worldwide network. To cover the long distances they make use of microwave and also satellites for reaching users who are at longer distances. Longer distances includes from one country to other. The widest application of WAN is internet which is capable of covering the entire globe. The main difference between the systems is the geographical coverage. 

Network topologies:

A network can be arranged in a number of ways. This arrangement is referred as topology.

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Bus Network: If we use a single cable to attach all computers, it is bus network. Star Network: In this case a number of small computers are linked to a central unit. The central unit can be a server or a host system. Ring Network: here the arrangements of computers are in the form of ring. Here communication is possible by sending a signal. Hybrid Network: it is the combination of all the networks.

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