Types of Biometrics Systems

Types of Biometrics 

Finger prints

For an individual the patterns of friction ridges and valleys on fingertip’s are unique. Fingerprints are unique for each finger and this uniqueness is followed in case of twins also. Finger print recognition devices are the most commercially available biometric tools for both desktops and laptops. Fingerprint systems are also used in identification tools. Many countries are ensuring that all the people should enroll in the fingerprint systems in threat of fake applicants for many social activities. Recent surveys came up with a new result that “New York State has over 900,000 people enrolled in such a system”. 

Face recognition: 

Now-a-days identification of a person using face features has become the most widely used biometric application. The particular facial image is captured by few high end technologies and techniques where a less expensive camera and visible spectrum are combine used as a set to capture the images that will emmet the infrared patterns of the desired face objects. By using a wide range of cameras the visible portion of the face can be 

captured that are not affected by the change in time and also avoiding few typical and unconditional  features like hair and expressions of face. 

Iris recognition:         

The colored area that surrounds the pupil of eye is used as input for Iris recognition. The patterns of Iris are really tough and complicatedly unique. Video based acquisition system are used to capture the iris patterns. Iris recognition system and it’s technology works good for both identification and verification modes. In this particular case there is no mandatory condition that a physical coordination is required with the desired biometric machine that is being used across. This particular recognition system is widely used and practically demonstrated in many cases and could have greatly managed to give results that shows differences in different races and groups across the world. 

Hand and Finger geometry: 

Hand and Finger geometry are the well established personal identification methods and since twenty years hand recognition systems are available in the biometric market. The physical characteristics of  the finger or hand are required for personal authentication process. Typical feature of hand like length, width, height and surface area of hand can be considered for these traditional ways studying the biometrics. 

Signature verification

The speed, angle used to sign and the pressure applied by a particular person is used for this signature verification technology. This particular method of signature verification can be implemented in may online services 

like e-commerce and e-business suites, where there is a very high scope of security needed while doing many economical and financial transactions that occur online. Few example include online shopping, credit card acceptance systems also use these signature verification systems.

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