Transition to an Electric Market Technical Seminar Topics for CSE 2012

Introduction to Transition to an Electric Market Technical Seminar Topic:

Many governments have decided to improve their work quality to meet their customer requirements. They also want to want include variety of features and to enhance the efficiency of their state owned enterprises. For transmission purpose they require to build new fundamentals, reconstruct again, and to put new proposals for the developing countries.

Competitive generators are those who generate power, after that they transmit to the next level, this level in centralizes level, they take decisions. Then power are transmitted to the distributors, it will distribute the powers to whole country.

Thailand’s EGAT: – EGAT is responsible for generation and transmission of electricity to whole country. They sell their bulk to two distribution industries like Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and Provincial electricity Authority (PEA).

EGATS have expanded their mission to make available electricity to rural areas also, by increasing their power generation capabilities, transmission, and accelerate supply.

EGAT generate about 85% of power of their installed capacity.  Their transmission is interconnected within the country and they are divided into 5 regional service grid. At stage 1, they work as primary purchase power. At second stage they work as a central supplier of power and at third stage they work as competitor for a whole sale market.

They are basically divided in three modules, first investors- they provide finance, they build lines, second host, they are workers or government who works on project and at last third party are insurance companies and commercial banks.

Conclusion: paper proposes the development of national transmission, when the transmission of electricity to a market in Asian countries. Paper does not purpose a model it emphasizes that the model is suitable for developing the Asian countries.

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