Transformer Temperature Monitoring and Control Major Project

This Transformer Temperature Monitoring and Control project aims to continuously monitor the temperature of the transformer at the substation.

If the temperature increases beyond some critical limit, microcontroller will automatically start the cooling system for the substation.

The temperature sensor used in this project is NTC Thermistor which is interfaced with the LM3958 Comparator IC. It gives digital output to the microcontroller.

The microcontroller then takes the required action to turn on coolants through transistor driver. The relay driver circuit is basically current amplifier.

The Temperature Monitoring system is enabled with the alarm which is activated when the critical temperature value is sensed by the thermistor. In order to indicate the status of the operation, 16*2 LCD is used.

Software Tools:

1. Keil compiler
2. Embedded C Code
3. ucFlash

Hardware :

1. Microcontroller AT89S52.
2. Sensors- NTC Thermistor
3. LM358 Op-Amp Based Comparator
4. FAN Blower
6. Buzzer
7. 16*2 LCD Display

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