Traffic Engineering Project Topics and Report

Introduction to Traffic Engineering Project : 

The traffic network in city have different problems, may be the most noticed which are congestion and delay phenomenon. in order to study with some details of this problems and to analyze it. To suggest some possible solutions which include redesign of the existing intersection then signal may be placed or redesign timing at that intersection. 

In Traffic Engineering Project , we have to check the geometric and traffic conditions of Al-Salam mosque intersection, the data collected from field shall be compared with standards and modifications must be done if it needed. The intersection is four-leg signalized intersection as shown in the figure below.

Purposes of the study:           

To evaluate the existing conditions that concern the intersection .then make suggestions to improve the existing situation in the intersection.

Brief topics can be discussed:

1-Make evaluation of the level of service in the intersection and determine if it good or bad.

2- To check the traffic volumes and determine whether an additional lane required or not.

3- To evaluate the signs and see if it fulfills the warrants for putting it .unnecessary ones should be removed.

4- Study the warrants for putting a signal in the intersection, this requires to collect different data in the intersection such as the volumes, delays, approximately statistics concerned to the number of crashes, etc…

5- To determine the conflicts in the intersection and determine if we can reduce these conflicts and the delay resulted from the conflicts.

6- To check the marking if existed and also check the clearance of the marking of the crosswalk especially of a school were existed near the intersection. 

  • If we want to evaluate the existing conditions that concern with the intersection we can divide the features into two types :_
  1. The geometric design aspects.
  2.  the traffic volume conditions 

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