This site is used to provide the information to all the people who love to travel and wants to explore the beauties of the nature and wants to see the manmade monuments. Being armed with the right information about the places to visit, the facilities over the places and the way to reach to that place.

The main aim of this system is to bridging the gap between the people from all over the world who wants to visit one of the India’s most popular hill station uttranchal and the agents providing the facilities and the hotels available over the tourist’s places.

Tours and Travels management System in asp and csharp

As internet now a days become the media, which is most commonly used by the person, so in this direction we have plane to facilitate the travelers, the agents, hotels and the guides to interact at the common place.

It is a forum where viewer, travel agents and manager of hotel can exchange information, quickly, effectively and inexpensively. At our site you can register hotels, search for a tourist place. It is a one stop where you get information about tourist place, travel agents, hotels and other things.

It can provide detail knowledge for tourism in a specialized manner and also provide a information in following manner like area wise, agent wise, hotel wise etc.

By using our website user can introduce the wastage of fairs in finding each and every station it provide centralized information of tourism places as well as provide strategically planning for travel.


To provide the information to travelers in searching for the information about the destination. We can access any type of information any time any way. At our site you can advertise for hotels, register the travel agents, visit sub places of tourist places and can get the information about relatively guides.

  1. To provide the details of all tourist places.
  2. Provide the tips for travelers.
  3. Providing the helps to hoteliers, agents and guides for registering on the site for the visitors to view them.
  4. To provide links for various travels and tourism sites.
  5. Act as a resource useful for all the persons involved in the process of tour and travels.

This project focus on exploring the functioning of “TOUR AND TRAVELS” site means exploring the information regarding the tourist places on internet and provide facilities to reach these places .This project contain the information about the distance, fares, places for visits and facilitate provided over there .

The user group of this project is

1. Administration department

2. Visitors section

3. Registration section.

4. Guide lines for travelers.

Different users may access different sections and information as per there requirement and under the area of their authentication.

This project is based on “WEB APPLICATION” by means of internet and is based on .NET platform as Front end tool (C#, ASP.NET) and a back End (MS-SQL SERVER). 


This project peeps deep in to the activities and functioning of the TOUR AND TRAVELS site .This project tries to make the process of information gathering on various tourist places quiet easily and interactively. Every visitor, hotel’s owner, travel agents, guides will feel quiet easy in accessing information and getting answers of their queries.



TABLE NAME:  Registration Table

DESCRIPTION:It will contain the detail of login admin.

Attribute Types        
Registration No Text
Booking Date Text
Special Package Text
Destination Text
Number of Days Text
Number of People Text
Vehicle Text
Phone Number Text
Total Expenditure Text


The project has been able to achieve most of its objectives and features within the estimated schedules and quality features. We have to say that for sure that the project was really tough to put our skills to the worst possible test and it gives us immense satisfaction that we have come through successful. It helps us to develop a system, which is helpful in saving the time of a user.