As we know the current ATM machines that are present do not have a cover on the keypad when trying to access one’s bank account to make a deposit, withdraw cash, transfer money(if available) or check accounts balances.

There is also a suggestion on the top of the keypad asking us to cover the keypad when entering the PIN number as this is prone to shoulder-sniffing attack in which the attacker can directly look over a person’s shoulder when entering the PIN number and later steal his/her card and access the bank account.

This Three-Step Authentication for accessing ATM project introduces a three-step authentication system to help reduce such attacks which are as follows:

Use of digital scramble keypad: As the name suggests, the keypad for entering the ATM pin will be digital and also the numbers will not be displayed in the usual sequence which prevents any on lookers from deciphering the PIN number.

The number sequence changes after every number in the PIN is entered with the help of a random number generator.

Color coded combination password: The second step would be to use a color-coded password. In this case, I would like to use three colors – red, green and blue. The password would be the combination of these colors in a specific order.

Biometric system: The last step would be to authenticate using the user’s fingerprint.

Things of what needed to be done:

1. I have the first and second steps implemented with me in .NET framework.

2. I have the Biomini suprema fingerprint scanner for the third step. Will that be used to integrate with the first two steps of my project if I give you the code for the first two steps?

3. I want all the user records to be stored in a database.