Third Generation Wireless Technology Technical Seminar Report for IT Final Year Students

Introduction to Third Generation Wireless Technology Technical Seminar Topic:

The project is about the 3G a wireless technology. These are capable of providing the immediate access to the services requested by the individuals on demand.  The paper also provides the current technologies being used in the wireless environment and also an overview of technologies which are now being evolved.  It also gives the way the 3G is being implemented for satisfying the demands of wireless multimedia services, also the difference between the third generation wireless technology and other wireless technologies are given.

Previously there was huge demand for voice services which was the market driver. But today, there is an equal demand for data services also as the market driver.  The telecommunications are also undergoing vast changes for the increase in data services. These days’ new technologies are being evaluated in such a way that it results in optimization of transport of the data services and also offers higher bandwidth in the mobile environment.

The first generation of wireless communication was based on analog signaling and these systems are based on circuit-switched technology designed for voice based but not for essentially the data based communication. The second generation of communication was based on low-band digital data signaling. It was capable of providing the services of fax and message service at a data rate up to 9.6 kbps but is not well suited for applications related to web browsing and also the multimedia applications.

One of the important aspects of 3G is ability to integrate all the existing cellular standards like CDMA, GSM and also TDMA. The existing technologies are based on circuit-switching technology for providing the voice related services. But the same technology is not able to implement multimedia services. The switching is done from circuit to packet-switched technology for providing better data and also multimedia services.

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