The Visual C++ Development System

Different types of windows development tools as well as visual interfaces such as Microsoft 32-bit and Visual C++ are been associated in order to complier Windows 95/98 as well as Windows NT. The below list will give a clear idea on the tools that are associated with Microsoft VC++ compiler such as new integrated debugger as well as new integrated resource editors.

New Integrated Debugger

Microsoft is having its own capability to develop its own code which can be debugged directly into platform of Visual C++ that is associated with alternated integrated debugger. This particular debugger id is been accepted and accessed from the menu of Debug and this integrated debug will allow the users to execute the programs in a simple way, through which the content variables can be viewed and managed in a sectional way.

Integrated Resource Editors

This particular aspects are been accepted and accessed from the menu of resource in which the resource editors will allow the users to design as well as create the different types of resources related to Windows like Bitmaps, Icons, Cursors, Dialog boxes and Menus through which the visual interfaces can be created easily. Basically, Microsoft Visual C++ is the famous tool of Microsoft accepted and used all over the world and it is having a latest version of C++ 6.0 a part of Visual Studio Version 6.0.

System Requirements

The hardware requirements of this system are Microsoft Windows 95/98 or else Microsoft NT with Intel 486 or higher processor which has 16MB Ram with 20MB hard disk with a great resolution of 800* 600.

The Software requirements of this system are Pentium based 200MHz along with 32MB RAM with 1GB Hard Disk that contains super VGA monitor along with CD-Rom Driver. 

Download The Visual C++ Development System .

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