The Victim’s Notification Information System Java Project Abstract

Introduction to The Victim’s Notification Information System:

The Victim’s Notification Information System is implemented in java platform using HTML, J2EE Server / Apache Tomcat as web technology and oracle 8i as back end. 

This Project or the Existing system is mainly designed and developed for the TNBI Head Quarters. An internet web page for VNIS will be developed and added to the TNBI main web page to allow for custodial updates and victim information modification that may be necessary. A secure id and password is necessary for every victim to access the web page. At the time of offender’s arrest the local agency advises the victim they have the option to participate in automatic notification system. 

The Working of this existing system is as follows:- 

The local law enforcement agency needs to enter the information that is required for the case management system. The Other information of the victim constitutes of victim’s identification number, telephone number or e-mail address. After all the required information is entered then it automatically gets send to the Tamil-Nadu Crime Information Center (TNCIC) for storage of vnis server by the Chennai Online (CO) network. 

This project consists of three modules:- 

1. Administration.

2. Department user.

3. User (Victim).

1)      Administrator user: Is the chief of the GBI head quarters, in administrator user Administers notifying the victim and also maintains the offender’s records and updates the records when required. 

2)      Department user:- This department user of VNIS is the chief of the jail inventory which maintains and updates the offender’s status, and also makes new entries and also sends the information to the administrator. 

3)      Victim user:- The victim of the VNIS is the one who request for the notification regarding the offender’s status.  

The salient features provided in VNIS are:

  1.  It provides minimal administration.
  2. Creation and updating of criminal’s history for individual arrested for   designated crime within the state of Tamil Nadu.
  3. It provides the victim with access to accurate information in a rapid   Manner.
  4. Online victim notification.

Download The Victim’s Notification Information System Java Project Abstract .

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