The use of Genetic Algorithms and neural networks in object detection project

Project Title: The use of Genetic Algorithms and neural networks in object detection.

Project Description:

Genetic algorithms are powerful algorithms that can The aim of this project is to develop and apply a ‘genetic algorithm’ to the task of automated object recognition. Neural networks are very useful devices that can be trained to perform many different tasks.

The human vision system is capable of locating and identifying complex objects quickly on cluttered scenes. The genetic algorithms themselves can be used to breed many solutions to a problem and reject/accept various solutions depending on their fitness. The intention of this project is to develop a genetic algorithm that can breed and train many generations of neural networks capable of recognising simple objects on sets of images, either captured by the student or supplied by the tutor.

Automatic object recognition is an interesting and demanding area, very useful in many areas, ranging from robotics to security systems.

Product Details:

Image Processing Analysis software

Resources Required:

Images (supplied), Matlab, C++, C# (all supplied).

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