The Route Maintenance Process Literature Review

The Route maintenance process

In order to verify the current status of the topology changes towards the network the route maintenance process could be utilized. It is been noticed that the mobility of the nodes is very high towards the MANETS then there is more possibility for the changes within the topology as well as the changes towards the route is been preserved towards the cache by making use of the nodes.

The breaks to the links starting from one node to the other types of the hops must be detected through the individual nodes and basically there are several types of the existing standards in order to achieve or complete this particular function. In order to detect the link failures towards the routes the DSR will utilize the process of the passive response. Within the entire process if the source forwards the packets to the target destination then the intermediate nodes will detect the problems related to the link of the adjacent nodes then in the next minute it will send the RERR- route error packet towards the source node.

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