The Role of Management in Improving the Performance of the Service Employees

The retail sector is different from other sectors, in the way the customer evaluates the organisation, namely in the service sector the evaluation is carried out by the interaction with the lower-level employees. This is not evident in other sectors such as the manufacturing sector, IT sector etc. Within the retail sector even the lower-level employees play a key role in improving the reputation of the firm.

In this sector the service delivery process includes the end delivery of the products to the consumers. This is where the service employees play a key role in reinforcing a positive image of the firm in the view of the consumers as the final delivery of the product demands amicable interaction of the service employees with the customers.

For this interaction to be effective, proper communication is a key.  This includes leadership skills, negotiation skills, proper language, spontaneity and responsiveness. So, the role of management is to reinforce and streamline these attributes in the employees for a better interaction which results in positive business implications. Moreover, in the service sector employee, represent a considerable part of human element that requires careful management.

Relational Co-ordination

              The aspect of relational coordination is evolved from human relations. It emphasises the role  the employee listening to the manager. The aspect of relational coordination revolves around three elements namely shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect. This fosters easy communication between the employee and manager and it also contributes to a better employee performance. Moreover, communication is said to have three constructs namely frequency, timeliness and problem-solving. This mode of communication empowers employee to perform better.

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