The Reactive Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

The reactive routing protocols

The reactive protocols vary significantly from drive routing protocols, these are also called ON DEMAND ROUTERS which has its own protocols. As we all experience.One more things we came across are they will not carry on any method of static routing matter and they are totally outspoken in nature adjacent to that of routing matter.

Based on the certain conditions the route of the destination is been developed. The primary job is the routing protocol is they will authenticate the existing routing data and if the data is same then it will be used and if it is not match then it goes for the same needs around the networks in order to apply the routes around the target.

The routing matter which is been diverted with this current protocols is dynamic and in the existing the process if all the route is viewed to be not active for some time then it will go to out of situation then the very new routes are applied based on the needs and then these existing protocols are been taken into account as the main demand routing protocols. All the protocols are in no pressure state which can defend all over routing protocols.

The reactive routing protocols contains two different types of the routing protocols like DSR-dynamic source routes including AODV-Adhoc on demand vectors and these all are clearly explained briefly 

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