The main characteristics of Java swings

The main characteristics of swings: 

Customizable: we have the facility to inherit the components from the parent classes using java swings. To get the unique GUI application, we can apply the components such as borders, colours, decorations and backgrounds. The customizing of components is available in swings to crate rich interface.


Using java swings in java we have dynamic look and feel components so we can apply this at runtime environment. The features of this make application dynamic changes without disturbing setting of the code. 

Lightweight UI

The components in java swings are light weight with transparent pixels. To make the user interface to very interactive and efficient we consider the JComponent which are included are JList, JButton, JMenuItem, JLabel etc. These all components make the user interface very rich and easy accessible.

Loosely-Coupled and MVC:

The design pattern of the swing follows the MCV (model/view/controller) software. The framework of java swing provides interface to implement. The MVC model is loosely coupled with objective collaborative model. The events are joined with the object model and these are occurred in the table with the help of JComponent. It shows the interaction of tables using JTable component.

4.2 Other non functional requirements:

There should be some non functional requirements for all the projects in software developments along with the functional requirements. While focusing on performance, quality and security factors with system environment need to follow the following:


When deals with the networking and communications domains, this factor plays the major role. Software development environment mainly facing the problem with fault recovery process which can only possible by considering the reliability as the major factor.


I implemented the project interface which is easy for all the users in terms of functions that can possible with the usability options. In my project I consider the usability for graphical representation which is user friendly.


This is the factor mainly deals with the networks to adopt the new environment over the existing one without disturbing the existing system and even not loose any performance with this. 

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