The Identification of Risks in a Project

The risks are the type of aspects that will reduce the project progress levels and in many circumstances; it even leads to the failure of the projects. By making use of the different resources available in the company, the risks are been identified and described. Many companies will try to identity the future risks of the project before starting it and some of the companies will identify them while ongoing project process and many companies will identify the risks of th project after completing it. Each risk might show the major positive or negative impact on the success of the project and the project management process.

Risk responsibilities

Every individual involved in the project process will have his or her own roles and responsibilities by which they will be capable of managing the entire risks and problems that takes place in the project. The managers and the stakeholders are the key persons who will play the major role in fulfilling the risk management responsibilities. The major responsibility of any individual involved in the project process is to manage and run the company successfully without any risks and problems. Even though the risks arise, the individual should be capable of rectifying them according to the project requirements and should fulfill their own responsibilities. There are more possibilities for the occurrence of risks and for this reason they are having many risk management responsibilities on them to run the company in a successful manner.

Obstacles and Milestones

In order to complete this research process the research haven’t faced any difficulties, within the entire research process even though if there are any future obstacles or problems the researcher will overcome them and complete the research process successfully. The major limitation of this study is that it includes the significant information on the innovation technology and change management process according to the research requirements, but it doesn’t include the entire available on these aspects which can be considered as the limitation of this research. Researcher will contact the participants through emails and phones and will gather their valuable opinion on global outsourcing and change management process.

Outcomes and Benefits

The information on impact of change management aspects on global outsourcing process of Infosys companies is explained within this research study. The major beneficiary of this research study is Infosys Company, as this study helps them to identify their global outsourcing change management problems and suggests them effective change management strategies through which they can overcome the change management problems facing in global markets. By viewing this research study, Infosys Company can use these strategies and methods to overcome the change management problems in their global outsourcing process.

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