The Bottom Line on Outsourcing Literature Review

The author of this article has primarily written about the different fixture related to the process of outsourcing. The author writes about the various business activities which are thought to be neither strategic nor illegal. The author also writes about the various financial benefits which are completely ignored in outsourcing. The author describes the capacity of the company and its flexibility with the increase in capabilities.

The author writes about he various tactics of the process of strategic outsourcing. The author also writes about the various mistakes which are recognized by Booz Allen Hamilton. He describes the flaws in the decision making process which are outsourced automatically and their influence on the process of outsourcing. The author also gives a detailed description about the flaws in implantation which include lack of attention to supplies and poor management of relationships.

The author also describes the framework which has been developed by Booz Allen Hamilton. He further provides guidelines on various processes that organizations must avoid. The author also writes about various the strategies that the organizations must follow in the outsourcing process and describes the assessments which are critical in the structure of the organizations.

The researches conclude that the author has made effort in presenting the different virtues of outsourcing and has tried the methods of analyzing it with the organizations. The researchers also that the data collected by the author was accurate and precise. Still, the researchers suggest a bit more effort as this would help in understanding the concept better. 

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