The benefits of Ecotourism on various aspects

In the tourism sector the Ecotourism is a sub sector and it is fastest growing sector. In the Ecotourism the people who are participating having more concern about the Earth’s natural resources. The Ecotourism means the tourists travel to a undisturbed areas to watching, enjoying the nature and scenery of rare plants and wild animals. The tourists coming from different places may enjoy the nature in the Ecotourism without disturbing the animals and also preserving the nature and natural resources. The Ecotourism also helps in improving the economic growth in these areas.

Even, there are some problems with this Ecotourism. If avoiding of such problems there are more benefits from this Ecotourism. The tourism industry collecting the money from the tourists will help in many ways as donating the money for the schools, developing the infrastructure, mainly developing the people who are living in the local area.

The money collecting from the tourists will be use to preserve the nature or environment of the Ecotourism area. By using this money the tourism taking the security precautions for the nature and as well as wild animals which is living in that place.

This money also useful to protect the natural resources like the plants used in the medicine, which are rarely appear in the forests. The tourism industry can give the protection to the natural resources by protecting the nature and maintaining the security for natural resources.

It shows the major difference in the economy of local people. If this money will donate to the schools for the development, the percentage of education will be more. This is very important in Benefits of Ecotourism. The children will be more educate about how the nature is? How are we protecting this? What are the safety precautions to preserve this nature? and many more. This is very useful in both the ways, for the nature and for the people too.

This money plays a major role in developing the infrastructure of that particular place. The development of roads and many other facilities of the people will increase the Ecotourism. This is also a great benefit of the Ecotourism.

In the same way developing of Holy places will increase the spiritual way in the human being. The tourists will definitely visit these Holy places and learn the culture of that place. Even the local people will learn much other religion and learn to respect one and another.

In order to protect the nature, preserving the natural resources and saving of wildlife every man should follow some do’s and don’ts. These are some benefits gaining from the Ecotourism.

There is also some disadvantages like compromising of land, in terms of income prospects. So avoiding of all disadvantages there are much benefits in the Ecotourism. This will be good by taking some precautions from the relative government. In order to protect the Ecotourism destination regions the government should follow some rules.

They are

  1. Imposing fines on tourists when they break the rules.
  2. Security guards should be arranging near important places.
  3. It provides good accommodation to the tourist.
  4. The government should train the locals in the way that they can protect their regarding.
  • Taken away the valuable herbs and medicinal plants

Here some of the ecotourists are taking away the valuable herbs and medicinal plants from the ecotourism areas. In this way ecotourists are doing harm to the locals directly and indirectly. Here some ecotourists are exporting the valuable things to their areas illegally.

  • Residents may leave

For the development of ecotourism, the local residents were shifted to another area. Some of the people are shifted the areas forced by the developers. Here business men are forcing to leave their place .This leads the residents to migrate to another place forcefully.

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