This is an android application i.e., Text -to-Voice conversion where the messages/notifications we get to our mobile should be read out loud.


Voice App is an android application which converts text message to voice message and vice versa. This Text-to-Voice Conversion Android App allows the user to input spoken information and use desired text message. Here Speech recognition is done via internet, connecting to Google’s server. In this Android technology, there will be voice-to-text and text-to-voice interaction between the user and the server.

Existing System:

  • Manually typing a text , viewing notifications    and any message will be difficult when the user is busy.
  • It is also time consuming as the user always have to check their mobile.
  • Also there are applications that will convert text to voice but it will be active only when the user receives the message.

Proposed System :

  • The Text-to-Voice Conversion application will always run in the background.
  • Along with converting text to voice, this application also takes voice and work accordingly.
  • Unlike the other apps that will read only the message got from the recipient only when it is send, this app will read out all notifications and messages inside each notification as per the user convenience.
  • Whenever the user asks, it will respond and read out only those messages which they want.


  • Android Studio
  • Java
  • Android SDK


  • Mobile phone with specification
  • android operating system

Class Diagram: