Test Case Chess Game Design With Implementation

Test Case 12:

Input: when it is a checkmate for the king.

Status: Performed

Output: if there was a checkmate for the king then the system will display a message box as shown below.

Errors that occurred during the development of the project:

There are some errors that occurred during the development of the project which are rectified are given below

Error 1:

Input: Moving a pawn diagonally.

Status: Performed

Output: Pawn has moved diagonally as shown below.

The above figures shows the illegal move of the pawn which is going diagonally ,as per the rules of the game moving of the pawn diagonally  without having a castle against the opponent piece is an illegal move  and will not satisfy the rules of the chess.

So this is one of the type of error that is occurred at the start of the development which was later on rectified , similarly type of errors has occurred with the other pieces has also been managed and rectified.

Error message 2:

Input: Moving the black pawn

Status: Performed

Output: The move is performed, black pawn moved a step.

From the above figures we can see the pieces of black can be moved which can’t be possible as the game is developed between human and computer we can’t the move the pieces of the computer but which are moved here, so this type of error are notified and rectified.

Error Message 3:

Input: Kill the king and move next step.

Status: Performed

Output: The king was killed and the next step is also moved.

The above figures describes that even after the king is killed the game is still commencing without displaying any messages of whether the game is over or not, or it is a checkmate or not, this is error is also rectified.

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