Terminal controller Java Project Abstract

This project Terminal Controller java project aims at developing windows based functionalities for a network connected terminal system. This system is server based as the system will be performing the application level function and tasks on the terminal from the remote machine. The system will perform all the admin based tasks and functionalities. As mentioned the proposed system will perform administrative based function on the windows terminal this function includes searching for a particular file, searching for the permissions of a particular file. The system helps the administrator to handle the administrative tasks from a remote system connected through the network. This will help the administrator to avoid time consumption by performing the tasks from his own machine and by not performing the tasks from the machine he wish to perform tasks on. This will also help in securing the machines in the network from unreliable attacks.

The number of modules to be designed in the project will be.

a.)    Remote Handling:

This module involves handling the terminal from the remote machine in the network.

b.)    Remote File Searching:

This module helps in searching a file in any machine in the network by using the terminal controller.

c.)    Privileges:

This module involves or tells us about what privileges should be provided by the administrator.

d.)   Remote system Configuration:

This module of the proposed system tells us about how the configuration of the 

e.)    Remote Process Management:

This module of the proposed system tells us about how the processes which take place on the terminals in the network can be handled and how to control them.         


The language used to develop the proposed system is JAVA. The technologies used for proposed system are RMI and Swing basically. The operating system used will be Windows XP or Vista. The above stated are the software requirements. Lets have look at the hardware requirements. The processor required will be PENTIUM 4. Minimum 256 GB RAM will be required. Minimum 20 GB Hard disk will be required. The VDU required will be SVGA Color Monitor. Key Board required will be of 104 standards. LAN should be enabled. 

Download Terminal controller Java Project Abstract.

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