Term Paper Topics for CSE on Wi-Max Technology

Introduction toWi-Max Technology Term Paper Topic:

It is the IEEE 802.16 standard wireless high speed network. It is the broadband connection that is wire free. It works like cellular networks. It uses IP address to connect to its clients. They support multi-point links and multiple users can connect to it and even they can use it on their mobiles.

They need many base stations for the radio transmission using standard antennas. They generally use line of sight of connection type and they high towers that are strong and can transmit the signals to the longer distances. Higher the frequency less is the interference, a basic station can cover up to 10 km of radius. You need to have PC card in your laptop or PC to connect with the Wi-max.

They are flexible network it means that they can point to point, point to multipoint connections. They use data encryption that provides security to the data and they also keep track their network being theft or any other data risk. They are quickly developed unlike other networks we just need to install the antenna and set the desired frequency. We can use Wi-Max at other locations also and even in the network of other service provider. It is mobile, means that you don’t need to stick to your bench, roam anywhere and have fun with phone also. They are less costly. Provide area of network coverage especially in rural areas where cable can’t reach.

It can use for making call like voice call over internet. They are now being adopted by the cellular operators. It has few limitations also. It can’t reach the speed of 70 Mbps over 50Km. at higher transmission rate the rate of bit error increases. Their speed decreases behind the walls.

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