Term Paper on Virtual Network Computing

Introduction to Term Paper on Virtual Network Computing:

This is the advanced application used for using computer through network by sitting at distant places. It means that with the help this application you can use your home computer by sitting at some other place or city or anywhere else. We just need an internet connection and the specific software. We can use any application of that computer, run any program, edit or delete something.

To setup VNC network, we need to install software at both server and client side. We need authorization from the user or client whose system you want to use. We need to create TCP/IP connection at the server side. When we connect the system we first need to do request to the client for the permission then only the connection can be created. 

VNC provide us a graphical interface that displays on the server having image of the client desktop. Programming of VMC client is very easy; we only need to concentrate on the frame buffer and TCP/IP transmission while side programming is hard than client side. Programmers need to take care while programming for client, they have to ensure that client side must be as simple as possible.

The main problem arises in VNC is screen resolution of both the server and client, they should have same display to match the desktop otherwise client have to make the changes in their screen resolution. Network connection must be fast as possible to obtain the better result otherwise screen at the server side might get hang or fluctuate. If client side connection was closed then the server side process will stop. VNC network are secured, first time we are connected after that all the information send is encrypted cannot be used by anyone. 

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