Term Paper on Cryptography

Various technologies are trying hard to maintain security of information using cryptography. In the present paper we speak about cryptographic techniques with three algorithms named private key algorithm, public key algorithm, and using hash functions. This paper also includes the drawbacks of classical cryptography and also needs to update new trends like quantum and elliptic curve cryptography.

These technologies can meet the demands of various environments and many tasks have been automated to simplify the functions of administrators. By this document we can conclude that we can maintain secrecy in message from attacks of message hackers.

The internet is a computer network, has addresses administrated by IANA (Internet address and Naming Authority). Internet which is providing services of communication to its millions of customers, security has become an issue. The applications can range from simple to private communications and also protecting passwords.

It is the art of protecting data. In data and telecommunications, cryptography is necessary when communication is on untrusted medium, which can be any network, especially the Internet.

The three types of cryptographic schemes includes Secret key cryptography which works on a single key, for both encryption and decryption , Public-key which uses one key for encryption and other for decryption and Hash functions makes use of mathematical transformation for encrypting information. In terms of Cryptography the initial unencrypted data is called as plaintext and encrypted data is named as cipher text. 

Depending on security services we use different types of algorithms i.e. If the message is to be sent quickly we use private key algorithm and use public key algorithm if the message to be sent secretly.

There are different schemas for cryptographic algorithm as each application is optimal for specific application where hash functions are suited to provide data integrity and secret key is suited for encryption of messages and key exchange for non-repudiation. 

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