Term Paper on Cloud Computing

Introduction to Term Paper on Cloud Computing:

It is the IT based new technology made for the applications that have software and require database for operations. They are constructed in the HTML and Java with the help of Java scripts and Java server. For back end any data base can be used like SQL, Oracle. Database is connected with the application with the JDBC. To run this application your system meets minimum requirements. You have at least P3 processor; hard disk 20GB, input output devices, RAM 256 MB and windows operating system 95.

Basically cloud computing is concern with the storage of the data on the internet on some servers like Google. They provide us feature to store data in their servers and can be accessed whenever required example Google drive. These servers provide user to store their data which they never want to loss. User needs to register to them and they provide space to the user. They provide limited space to free users and unlimited space to the premium users. Default space for free users has 5 GB.

These cloud computing have some problems also. They have the problem of safety. Data might not be safe there. It can be illegally used by the servers and they might misuse it. If in case they close their service then there is no chance of back up and we can’t blame them for that. These don’t give the promise of the data security, means they can’t be trusted; they might be multinational company or any other. They just provide interface to us for storage.

They divide their application in the three modules: first, for the administration purpose. Second for the authorization of the user and third for the user who save their data to the cloud. 

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