Term Paper on Bluetooth Technology

Introduction to Term Paper on Bluetooth Technology:

Bluetooth is the complete wireless technology which provides the user to communicate with each other or to transfer the data from one Bluetooth device to another. This Bluetooth device is now commercial applications that are made to change the documents of the machine languages. It is also a short range technology which is limited service provider device.

This device does not require any wire connection or any type of installation to start the use of the Bluetooth services. Bluetooth is the complete open source technology which is distinguished between the internet and the other net devices. It also states the communication paths between the Bluetooth and the computer system.

Bluetooth is said to be as the standard communication set of rules which are designed by using the consumption of the power supply. There is a limited range of the Bluetooth coverage area like the 1m, 10m and 100m. If the user comes inside this coverage area then that person gets automatically connected to the Bluetooth devices and while transferring the data of the person goes outside of the coverage area then the connection to the Bluetooth devices is lost forever. Small Bluetooth chips are also available in markets. It has the frequency which the Bluetooth traps and works on it.

The application in which the Bluetooth is installed is the Mobile Phones, the Personal computers, Laptops, Palmtops and also other related devices which support the Bluetooth. The advantages of the Bluetooth devices are this device has a great demand in the markets. This is used to make use of wireless technology replacing the wired technology. Like the Bluetooth the Wi-Fi is also the similar type of the application device. The disadvantages are the application has very short range of coverage area. It requires more radio range to work with the proper connection wizards.  

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