Term Paper on Airborne Internet with Report

Introduction to Term Paper on Airborne Internet:

Internet is one of the most used mediums in the modern worlds. Most of us are hugely dependent on internet so much so that we have to depend on it to search almost everything. Today’s generation believes in doing things the faster way, they just don’t have the patience at all for wait for pages to load or the movies to stream.

Most of the internet technology is dependent on satellite transmission technology which has its own merits and demerits. The proposed system airborne internet works on High altitude long operation or HALO process. It can handle subscribers of range of small to thousands and each access will be ubiquitous in nature.

 An aircraft that is loaded with HALO features will operate at altitudes higher than ones used by commercial planes and this plane will act as a hub for wireless internet connection. These aircraft would fly around a specified area and there would another 3-4 flights operating in shifts. These airplanes will have twin turbofan propulsion system and a fixed wing frame that would hold up various components. The star topology helps in setting up a wireless hub communication system.

Less delay is ensured for the subscribers who access this technology by subscribing to it and correspondingly receives signals from the HALO aircraft. Weather factor would be not affecting HALO flights as it would be flying at a higher altitude and the total range of this system is spread over areas having 120 kilometers diameter.

The small packets of data are not managed effectively in the current system and also weather often comes as interruption for the satellite signals, also the interaction with local users are less. The costs of managing satellites are pretty huge and this proposed system can be set up at low costs.

The proposed HALO system would provide

  • Multimedia services which are seamless
  • Better user connectivity
  • Broadband on demand feature
  • Secured and reliable transfer of data
  • Uninterrupted services
  • Large bandwidth with speeds ranging 16gbps

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