Term Paper on 3rd Generation Mobile Systems

Introduction to Term Paper on 3rd Generation Mobile Systems:

Talking about the mobile communication services and looking at the increasing needs of the mobile phone the next generation called the Third Generation is upon the great development stages. A newly launched service called the 3G service gave the people face to face taking ideas through just a mobile phone. This service enables a user to chat voice, text and data transfer by a cell phone.

3G services give the customers video files, large speed multimedia access, and quick access to internet services and there are also many much future applications access upcoming to the customer. The UTMS and the ITU’s are the major visions regarding the Third Generation Computers.

The major concepts of the Third Generation systems are in process with the Development team along with the 3G service. The 3GPP called as the 3G global partnership project contains the GSM associates in it which is coupled to make it together with the 3G services. 

The GSM associate is fully depended on the visions of the 3G which is made to add the extra interface to the world industry all over the markets. This system will allow the user to get comforted with the second generation as well as the newly launched 3G services.

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