Term Paper and Report on Artificial Neural Networks

Introduction to Term Paper on Artificial Neural Networks:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of artificial neural networks.  As the wants of  society are developing day to day , more and more intelligent systems are needed to be implemented and designed. Hence artificial neural systems are developed. We know that human brain has ability to think, remember , and solve a problem , therefore neural networks were developed in the same manner how the brain functions. A neural network has the capability to solve methods which a linear computing cannot perform. This is considered as a parallel system.

Brief into Artificial Neural Networks

In  artificial neural network  processing of information is carried out by neurons. A link is established between two neurons such that signals can be passed easily between them. These links have an associated weight. Nucleus acts as a simple processing unit . Axon acts as a path of output signal. When a nonlinear function is applied to the sum of weighted input signals by the neuron, output signal is generated. 

Advantages and Disadvantages:

These neural networks can perform the tasks which linear program can not. Even though if there is any failure in element of neural network , it works without any interruption because of its parallel nature. These neural networks do not requires to be reprogrammed. The main disadvantage is that it requires much time for processing . For ,operating these systems proper training has to be taken.

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