Tender Management System Java Project


The tender management system is a project which is developed to enable the vendors to get all the tender details online and provide facility to submit the tender.

This Tender Management project provides a system which will reduce the extra cost which involves for this entire process like advertising, document processing and getting confirmation results.

By using this Tender Management application vendors can save a lot of time in making the documents online, sending and receiving documents using the postal system. This application makes the evaluation process to complete within the assigned date.

Existing System:

In the existing system, all the work is done manually. This Tender Management System works need to be completed manually. Contractors need to submit their documents on time and must be submitted through ordinary post by which they sometimes not able to bid for particular tender on time.

All working personnel within department involved just for doing the same task which is document verification and there may be a chance in which the best one may be left behind.

Proposed System:

The Proposed Tender Management System provides all tender documents online which can be accessed by all the vendors using their id and password. Vendors can able to act on more than one tender through this online system.

Eliminating the need for sending and receiving the documents by post, so immediate response can be taken for the existing tender. To reduce paper work, data which are available online, using this final decision can be taken by the administration and can contact directly to such suppliers.



Administrator is the master user of this system who will responsible for uploading advertisement documents, verifying suppliers by using their information ,maintaining data and confirmation of final report.


The vendor needs to get registered and log in with a valid username and password. The vendor can apply for the tender and view the status of the tender. The vendor can give feedback.


Employee gets login with a username and password. Employee can view the home page. Employee can view the details of the vendor tenders. Employee can give suggestions to the vendor if he has any queries regarding the tender.

Software Requirements:

Language : Java
Web technologies : JEE (Servlets/JSP)
Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap
Database: MYSQL
Scripting: JavaScript
Browser : IE 6.0/ Mozilla
Operating System : Windows/Linux

Hardware Requirements:

Processor : Pentium-IV
Hard disk : 20GB
Monitor : 15” Color monitor
Mouse : Optical mouse


Our project tender management system has successfully created a user friendly environment in tender management process. our project is flexible and changes can be incorporated easily. It is so designed that further modifications to the system can be easily done.

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