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Telephone Billing System Project in Java

August 29, 2012

Telephone billing system project is implemented in java platform. Main aim of this project is to develop a software application for telecommunication service providers for improving efficiency in billing procedure. Using this system it is easy to calculate users billing details and managing customer billing details by providing call details and cost for the every call user called from his mobile. This project is developing to increase speed of billing system, bill calculation and report generation.

In existing system manual methods like maintained data in registers are used. In this method it is not easy to manage data efficiently and time taken for providing service for users is time taking process. Retrieving old data is not possible and there are chances of losing data.

In present system data is managed in centralized database which is easy to retrieve customer’s information. Customers are provided with fast service with detailed information on billing report like call costs for each and every call.


public class dbConn
private String m_DBLoc = "jdbc:odbc:wipro";
private String m_DBDriver = "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver";
private ResultSet m_RS = NULL; // RecordSet Variable
private Connection m_conn = NULL;

public String setData(String name, String pwd, String fName, String lName, String email, String pno, String address, String state, INT pin, String cno) {
String sqlInsSt = "INSERT INTO USER_TBS VALUES('"+name+"','"+pwd+"','"+fName+"','"+lName+"','"+email+"','"+pno+"','"+address+"','"+state+"',"+pin+",'"+cno+"')" ;
INT n = 0;
IF(m_conn == NULL) // IF Connection has NOT been SET
RETURN "Connection failed" ;

try {
Statement s = m_conn.createStatement();
n = s.executeUpdate(sqlInsSt);
}catch (SQLException e) {
e.printStackTrace();} // IF a SQL error occurs

IF(n !=0)
RETURN "Data inserted successfully" ;
RETURN "Data insertion is failed" ;

public ResultSet getData() {
String sqlStatement = "SELECT pno FROM new_connection" ;
ResultSet temp = executeQuery(sqlStatement);
RETURN temp;

public ResultSet executeQuery(String stmt)
IF(m_conn == NULL) // IF Connection has NOT been SET
m_RS = NULL;
{ try {
Statement s = m_conn.createStatement();
m_RS = s.executeQuery(stmt);
catch (SQLException e) {e.printStackTrace();} // IF a SQL error occurs

public String DBConnect()
String retVal = ""; // there are no errors yet
//Connection conn = NULL;
{ Class.forName(m_DBDriver);
m_conn = DriverManager.getConnection(m_DBLoc,"scott","tiger");
// IF the driver class isn't found
catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {retVal = e.toString();
catch (SQLException e) {retVal = e.toString();
e.printStackTrace();} // if a SQL error occurs

return(retVal); // returns error messages or an empty string
// that the caller must print.

Computer science students can find more telephone billing system related project reports and project source code in VB for free download.

Download telephone billing system project in java with source code.

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