Telephone Billing System In VB Project Report

Telephone billing system project in vb project report contains detailed explanation about project. Here We provide introduction to this project.

The process of telephone billing system has gained more importance in the recent time period because of increased demand for speed processing of work with a diverse working culture. The main purpose of this application is to specify the need and importance of Automated Telephone billing system.  By using this telephone billing system, users can calculate their telephone bills in a simple and easy way. Basically telephone billing process includes different types of resources such as connection system, verifying and changing customer records, customer billing details, calculation of meter readings etc. As a result, in order to support the users to save their time new software that supports telephone billing system will be developed. This application is a user friendly access which is easy to use without errors that saves valuable time of the users.

Existing System:

The main problem within the existing systems is that the work done in them are performed by the individual which takes more time to enter and store the details in which there is more possibility for human made errors. The data retrieval takes more time and sometimes the data may be lost and there are even no chances to find the appropriate statistical calculations of the bills.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is having many added advantages which is having higher number of economic features for user interface. The system modular will allow the system to pair with its other system for easy data transfer with high control levels in user hands. The billing calculations will be more appropriate and genuine without any errors and by using this application the user bills can be generated easily. One application will support many user connections through which user can access billing process in an easiest way than ever.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Windows 98/ XP
  • 64/128 MB RAM
  • Pentium III processors
  • Windows OS with 64MB RAM

Software Requirements:

  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • Microsoft Access

Download Telephone Billing System In VB Project Report.

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