Telecom Sector In India a Decadal Profile

Telecom service has taken a drastic change with time interval. In earlier time mobile was to be luxury item, it was very costly and it is used to only one in every house. But now day’s mobiles are cheap and it is own by very people. It is growing very fast. Every year around 84 million mobiles are sold. Every year number of broad band connection reached to 3 million, which led the growing,rate to 44% pa.

Telecom Scenario in India 2012

According to the survey the density of telecommunication network has increased very fast. In 1995 it was around 1.07 million in 2007 it was 23 million. So this change has led the telecom industries boom in their income. In 2010 number of mobile in India is around 500 million, 18 million have broadband connection, and 40 million people use internet.   Earlier telecom service was much costly as there is only limited number of companies, and that time tariff plan was 30 rupees per minute but now days it is 1 rupee per minute.

Current Telecom Scenario in India:

Now the telecom companies have advanced their technology. They provide security over the network. Provide language that is suitable for user. For landline connection they provide fixed line and for mobiles there are more choices, like 2g, 3g, Wi-Fi, WI-MAX, ADSL, FTTH, FTTC, and FTTD.

–         3g is the new generation technology, after the 2g, it very much fast, and costly.

–         WIMAX it is the connection based in the microwave, it has worldwide interoperability, and it is based on IEEE 802.16 standard.

Challenges: due to rapid development user get choices to their suitable network.  They get many services in the same network or platform. It also has reduced the cost price so there is too much competition in the market.

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