Technical White Paper Report on Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANET)

(MANETs) Technical Paper

Various kinds of traffics are supported by MANETs and the most significant and thoroughly utilized traffics are CBR, VBR and TCP traffics. CBR means “Constant Bit Rate” traffic, VBR means “Variable Bit Rate” traffic and TCP means “Traffic control protocol”. The performance of the routing protocol depends on the selected type of traffic to pass across the routing process. Even the nodes chosen across the MANETs also influence the routing protocol’s performance. In general nodes used in MANETs are of two types and they are fixed nodes and mobile nodes.

A wide range of applications are supported by the MANETs as they are dynamic basically and the frequently used and significant applications used across MANETs are VOIP, FTP, Email, Video conferencing, web and voice applications. The application type chosen will decide the behavior of traffic passed across the Mobile Adhoc Networks. The routing protocols performance is influenced by the selected application and in the same way irrespective to the type of the routing protocol either proactive or reactive its performance is influenced by the type of the traffic selected to use across the MANETs.

Several researches and studies are available with the detailed discussions of several issues regarding the MANETs and in addition to this the comparison of different routing protocols performance considering different factors is also available in the studies. These researches are available for particular traffic type and routing protocol that are selected to use across the MANETs.

Technical Features of MANET

As it is specified already that the researches and studies have main focused on the comparison of the performances of routing protocols used in the MANETs but there is necessity in focusing on the comparison of the traffic types used in the MANETs and so researches has to focus in this direction as it is essential. The actual source in the application that provides the traffic and the kind of traffic involved in the application is decided by the kind of application and extent of mobile transmission selected across all the MANETs.

The research area selected by many of the scholars in their studies and research is comparing the TCP traffic over other traffic sources. When the MANETs are compared with the other sophisticated networks the comparing of different sources of traffic and the implementation is not generally very perfect. ATM and Wireless LAN are the other networks that are sophisticated.

Security Issues in MANET

As discussed earlier it is clear that several applications are supported by Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANET) and the performance of these applications is estimated using various performance metrics. These performance metrics are nothing but the parameters which are based on the number of mobile nodes selected and routing protocol selected to use throughout the MANETs.The performance metrics that are used for deciding the performance of an application used in the network are packet delivery ratio, delay and throughput that are retained through the networks.

The detailed Technical White Paper Report of the application performance maintained using the routing protocol is available with many researches but the study regarding the traffic generation that used these application is not available. In this particular research project, the traffic type selection and influence of the traffic selected on the MANETs performance is considered as the research area and two traffics are considered CBR and TCP and the estimation and comparison of the performance of these traffics is done using the AODV “Adhoc Distance Vector Routing Protocol” across the network.

This paper is written and submitted by Sujana Priya V.

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