Technical Seminar Topics for CSE on Computer Viruses Detection and Removal

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topics on Computer Viruses Detection and Removal:

Computer Viruses are such a kind of thing or a file that completely destroys or damages the full computer system. Viruses mainly spread through infected files that are corrupted or contain virus. And also it spreads from internet like cookies and Trojans etc… Here we will see the Detection and removal and protection methods of viruses.

Viruses can be removed being detected by using software called Antivirus. It is the most active method to keep virus away from systems. But not the experts can also tell that antivirus can protect the system from virus a total cent percent. It is just for our convenience that about 99% of the system is safe from viruses.

Main question arises is which anti-virus program is better. The answer to it is any antivirus which helps the user to keep the system virus free. Viruses mostly spreads and firstly enter the BOOT files of the system, then to the BIOS and then to the other files of the system. If antivirus which the user is using does removes the virus from the files the best way to detect and remove is to do a BOOT scan. It causes no damage and removes near about cent percent virus.

Unknown virus that is mainly detected from an antivirus is TSR Virus, BOOT virus, File virus and Micro virus. TSR virus is such virus which never gets detected by an antivirus when it is in presence, it only can be removed when PC is fully formatted. If anyone not sure about the unfamiliar working of the computer best prefer is to consult a computer programmer for help in need.

Remember to keep a backup copy of the DOS file and the antivirus for Booting purpose.  BOOT viruses damage the boot files of the system that unable the system to boot correctly. File viruses are available in the documents and simplest way to find it is a file like .EXE or .COM. Macros viruses are such which completely disables the Menu Items on the system.

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