Technical Seminar Topics for CSE on 4G mobile communication

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic  on 4G mobile communication:

4G was introduced to provide a wide range of new services from the drawbacks of 3G like, from high-quality voice to high-definition video to high-data-rate wireless channels. 4G system supports the next generation mobile and also for the fixed wireless networks. This paper discusses about the features of 4G, frameworks and the integration of mobile communication.

The end-to-end IP and high-quality streaming video will be among 4G’s distinguishing features of the fourth generation wireless network (4G). Fourth generation networks are most likely to use up a combination of Wi-MAX and Wi-Fi. 4G technologies are sometime referred as acronym “MAGIC” i.e. Mobile Multimedia. 3G networks are mainly about the technology, but 4G networks are of both technology and a business transformation.

This paper also discusses about the history of all generation of mobile commutations such as 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Some of the main advantage of the 4G are, converged data and voice over IP, Hybrid – integration of wireless LAN (WI-FI, Bluetooth) and wide area coverage, High frequency bands (2 – 8 GHz), and bandwidth of more than 100 MHz, make use of access technologies like OFDM and MC – CDMA, forward error correction schemes like concatenate coding schemes, component design like smarter antenna, software multiband and wideband radios, and it supports all IP (IP6.0).

This paper also discusses about different approaches of technology like multi-technology which are competing on the road to 4G which is been discussed briefly in this paper. OFDM technology i.e. orthogonal frequency division multiplexing which is a modulation technique which sub divides the channel into equally spaced frequency band this technique is able to transmit data simultaneously.

The MIMO system i.e. multiple input multiple output it is a method of multiple antennas for wireless transition and reception which increases the quality of the communication, and the next technology discussed in this paper are software defined ratio (SDR).

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