Technical Seminar Topic on Steganography A Modern Approach to Digital Security

Over the past few decades steganography is highly used because of its art of concealing information’s in other information’s  This has been one of the major issues and since many years this concept has been in use. With advancement and recent updating in the IT fields and Digital Security shows that this technique is very reliable secure and efficient. This is also the ideal way of data transmission.

In various fields like Web Development, Software Development, Masterpieces, Modern Digital Products, etc. There is a wide use of steganography. This has been one of the ideal tool for communication purpose and it is used by terrorist, mostly based on different parts of the world. If you look back in the region of history you will get to see that the art of stenography was used since the 450 BC. It was discovered by the ancient Greeks who designed tablet suing wax and then write about it. On a wooden plate that is carved with messages melted wax is poured and the receiver would melt the wax in order to decipher the message meaning. For hiding secretive information during the world war invisible ink was used.

For hiding the data today only the modern steganography is used both at the same time it also secures the information and digital products. The technique of steganography can be emulated over any kind of image, audio and video files to carry secret messages within itself. 

  • Hiding data everywhere
  • It is not difficult to defeat steganography
  • Reduction in data stealing
  • Possibility of steganography detection but at times it can be a little tough
  • Watermarking that is hidden
  • Amazing security system

The concept behind using the technique of steganography is to convert the files that are in their original form of some binary files thus changing their smallest bits along with the information that is needed to be hidden.

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