Technical Seminar Topic on Data Mining and Ware Housing

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Data Mining and Ware Housing:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of data mining. As the usage of data gathering electronic devices are increasing day to day and as a result number of databases is also increasing. There is a possibility of data explosion. Each and every business organizations have some related information about them. The information which is being stored may be so important for their business. Data Mining has many benefits for any business such as analyzing the data etc.

Brief into Data Mining-Ware housing:

Data Mining in general is defined as the search of relationships that are stored in their large databases but may be somewhere hidden. These relationships finds much useful because they give valuable knowledge about the database and their objects. These involves different stages like selection, preprocessing, transformations, datamining, evaluation. First the data is selected, then it preprocesses such that all the unnecessary information is being removed .

In transformations stage some overlays may be added to data. Patterns of the data are being extracted in data mining stage. The pattern is then identified by the system and is interpreted such that it can support human decision-making. The process of extracting and transforming operational data into informational data is defined as data warehousing. The informational data is then stored in some central data storage.

This data can be accessed by desktop query and some analysis. The warehousing is considered as subject oriented, integrated, time variant and is not volatile. 

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