Technical Seminar Topic on Adding Intelligence to the Internet

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Adding Intelligence to the Internet:

Satellite transmissions help us to transfer or search data with a fraction of a second. There are hundreds of satellite launched every year from many countries which helps in media communication and internet. The 1st generation of the satellites could handle only data with limited bandwidth across many terrestrial loops.

The main disadvantage of such first generations satellites were I had high latency period as the orbits in which satellites were places were too far and this lead to propagation delays which affected the performance of the internet. In the proposed system, intelligence are fed into the link end points coming from this satellites which lead to removal of unwanted propagation delays.

A fleet or a group of satellite which operated at similar position was assigned to monitor the progress instead of a single satellite used in the first generation. At all end points, data caching happens and this led to an increase in speed in transfer of data. 

Equal band width across the systems in the world are provided by these second generation satellites and this process is done by making all the terrestrial networks well equipped  at places where there is limited or no terrestrial network, the band widths are adjusted  accordingly.  All blockage points or any type of hindrances are removed leading to an uninterrupted flow of data and also the time is considerably reduced.

The two types of users contain the person who provides the content and the person who is the ultimate beneficiary. A Kiosk is represented as an end user and the satellite point which is the content provider is called warehouse. The distributed algorithms are coded to operate partly on both kiosk and warehouses which leads to a proper communication and cooperation between each other nodes. The quality of service is kept high by the carriers and there would be a reduce in latency variance. The routers are augmented accordingly to the kiosk and warehouses. 

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